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IMPORTANT Bug/Suggestions
BARROWS: Fix the Dharok Brother hits(He hits 0 all the time),
Fix The Karil hits(instead of him hitting you with range he hits you with melee, so you need protect melee at Karil). 

Reduce the special hit on Abbysal Dagger which hits too much and its too OP. I tested out max hit on M Y H, and i hitted 55-44 on him while he was wearing serp,ahrims, and you can hit over 60 on protect melee. And we want to bring back the Dds in pking.

Reduce the hits with Dharok set, You can hit over 70 with 50hp and if you got 1-10hp you can hit 99, It makes Dharok totally too OP.

Reduce the Hit with BlowPipe which can hit 25s and 30s with only 70 range, Its just too OP for the moment and it needs to be just a littlebit weaker.

SERPENTINE HELM BUG: You need only to click a NPC to get him poisoned without really attacking him like(You wear whip and click on a Abbysal Demon and run back without hitting him with the whip, He gets poisoned and someone uses this to kill like 10 abbysal demons at the same time with Serpentine Helm Poison.

LOG OUT BUG: Thats really important bug that people have quit for, When you get attacked by someone and run for a little distance from him that he cant attack you, You try to log out and the Log out takes 3 seconds to unskulled person but you are in the combat with the guy in same time so sometimes instead of you logging out, your accout doesent log out in 3 seconds becose its in combat, To fix this problem make Log Out Time for Unskulled People also 10 seconds long.

INVISIBILITY BUG: If you wear ahrims,Dfs,serp helm with death cape in the same time, You become invisible, That makes people to be able to lure more and It need to be fixed.

NPC BUG: Dagannoths,Hellhounds are way too easy becose their max hit is 1. That makes people to get strong and rare items really fast from dagannoth and it need to be fixed. 

Dark BOW/RUNE CROSS BOW: Add dragon arrows and Bolts in the game due the fact you cant hit almost anything with rune arrows with D bow and you dont have any bolts in the game like Dragon (e) Bolts for rune crossbow, We need to bring range pking to Mocroscape instead of pking only with msb or Blowpipe.

THINGS YOU NEED TO ADD: Add Sound in the game, Add The remaining Prayers like Eagle eye, Add God swords, Add warrior ring/Archer ring that could be Drop from Dagannoths. Add infinity amount of Runes to yanille shop becose there is alot of players who need to buy runes and you cant just buy it your self and make people wait for long time. From Thieving you should get more cash. Make a shop from where you can buy starter items like rune scim and more so you got a good start with Thieving to get cash and buy starter items(ITS REALLY HARD TO GET STARTED WITHOUT SOMEONE HELPING). 

That is all i can say for today, Hopefully you read this.
I hope mocro pays attention, this really good ideas

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