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Rip Mocroscape - Rotor - 05-11-2016

We Cannot Log In Anymore, This means Mocroscape is dead. and Owner Havent Been online for months. Was really good server i enjoyed it alot. if owner would be online and updating the server, he would have alot of success. The server was great until Owner disappeard. Rip Mocroscape :Rotor

RE: Rip Mocroscape - William - 05-14-2016

Agreed. Rip mocroscape

RE: Rip Mocroscape - Finess - 05-15-2016

Servers been dead for about 4 months now lol

RE: Rip Mocroscape - William - 05-19-2016

omg mocroscape is back online

RE: Rip Mocroscape - William - 05-19-2016

Rotor make sure to be online soon

RE: Rip Mocroscape - William - 05-20-2016

However mocroscape might be back but there isnt a single guy online and server crashes every 2-5 minutes